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Common defects of wiring harness crimping

In the process of production and processing, wiring harness will encounter various undesirable conditions, and once the undesirable conditions flow out, it will cause large or small problems to the customer’s products, such as circuit boards burned out, and electronic products are fully assembled, unable to power on, etc., the following will take everyone to understand, in the process of terminal crimping, there are several common undesirable situations.

               Terminal bend                        Terminal disconnect    

Wires Harness defect

    Crimp terminals include jacket          Terminal deformation

Wires Harness defect

                  Loose Pin                              Terminal oxidation

Wires Harness defect

                Copper wire flies out                 Leaking copper                  

Wires Harness defect

In the production process of the terminal wire, there are certain requirements for the crimping of the terminal, including the tensile test, the crimping process, the condition of the copper wire, etc., which requires us to continuously improve the production process. Adjust the parameters of the machine in time. During the quality inspection process, focus on manual inspections should be made to avoid the outflow of defective products in response to the above-mentioned bad conditions.

Through the above, you have a basic understanding of terminal wire processing. We are a professional manufacturer of Wire Harnesses, electronic wires and flat wires. Strictly control each production process and provide high-quality products to customers, with complete models and specifications, and provide various processing services. 

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