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How to check the wiring harness/terminal wire

In recent years, with the development of mechanization and automation, the production process of Wire Harnesses has gradually changed from manual and manual to fully automatic mechanized operations. However, even fully automatic mechanized operations, in the production process, more or less will In the event of defective products, in order to ensure efficiency and quality, the wiring harness must also be manually inspected during the production process. Then, what issues should be paid attention to during the manual inspection of terminal wires?

1. Check the size

In the detection of the terminal wire, the size is the basis. All cut wires must meet the process standards and cannot exceed the tolerance, and the wire ends at the upper tin end must be flush and aligned.

2. Check the wire surface

Whether the surface of the wire is clean, whether there are problems such as dirt, scratches, and deep crimping marks. If there are scratches on the wire surface, and the crimping marks are too deep, they will affect the electrical effect of the terminal wire.

3. Check the copper wire

In the process of tapping the terminal, deep tapping, shallow tapping, broken copper wire, broken, etc. should not occur. Check the copper wire of the terminal wire, mainly to check the condition of the copper wire at the connection between the wire and the terminal to avoid copper leakage. Undesirable conditions such as breaking the copper wire.

4. Check housing

After checking the wires and terminals, then check the connector, whether the wire color and wire sequence of the wire harness penetrated into the plastic shell is reversed or not in place.

5. Overall inspection

In the end, check the entire terminal line. If the line profile has been injection molded, observe whether there are defects such as shrinkage, cracking, lack of glue, deformation, etc.

To sum up, there are many things that need to be tested before the wiring harness is shipped. Even if it is fully automated and mechanized, there will still be defects, and manual inspection is still required. Manual inspection before shipment is the last step of quality assurance.

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