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What is the difference between flat cable and Dupont cable

The Flat Ribbon Cable and DuPont Jumper Wire have different applications:
Flat Cable application: widely used in the connection between the print head of various printers and the motherboard, the signal transmission and board connection of plotters, scanners, copiers, stereos, LCD appliances, fax machines, various DVD players and other products.
flat ribbon cable

The application of DuPont wire: It can be used to expand the pins of the experiment board and increase the experiment items. It can be connected to the pins very firmly, no soldering is required, and the circuit test can be carried out quickly.

Dupont Wires

2. The overview of the two is different:
Overview of Flat Ribbon Cable: The ribbon cable is also called a flexible circuit board (FPC). It is used for data transmission in moving parts and active areas in accordance with the regulations of the industry's specifications, such as the wiring rules, wire sequence, wire color, and wire number. Data cables and data cables between connected devices are collectively referred to as flat cables.

Overview of DuPont jumper: It is a sewing thread with special effects produced by DuPont in the United States. The DuPont line in the electronics industry can be used to expand the pins of the experiment board and increase experiment items.
Features of Flat Ribbon Cable:
The Flat Ribbon Cable is small in size and light in weight. The original design was to replace the bulky Wire Harness wires. In the current plug-in electronic device assembly board, Flat Ribbon Cable is usually the only solution to meet the requirements of miniaturization and movement.
Flat Ribbon Cable (sometimes called flexible printed wiring) is a copper circuit or printed polymer thick film circuit etched on a polymer substrate. For thin, light, compact and complex devices, the design solutions range from single-sided conductive lines to complex multilayer three-dimensional assembly.

flat cable harness

The total weight and volume of flat cables are 70% less than the traditional round wire harness method. Ribbon Cable can also increase its strength by using reinforcing materials or liners to achieve additional mechanical stability. 

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