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PCB board wiring harness introduction

PCB board wiring harness refers to the wiring terminal used in the electrical connection of printed circuit boards, which is called PCB wiring harness or PCB connector in the industry, and is an accessory product used to realize electrical connection.

PCB board terminal wires application areas:
Computer and peripherals: motherboard, monitor, network card, memory card, IC, mouse, router, camera, U disk, fan motor, game console, game card board (gold finger board).

Mobile phone: mobile phone board, charger, electronic anti-theft lock, stereo, printer, copier, fax machine, telephone, scanner, monitoring system, video head, DV, camera, meter board.

Automotive products: car audio, air-conditioning switches, control systems, lamps, LED panels (liquid crystal displays, liquid crystal signs), sensors for various machines.
Bathroom equipment: motors, controllers, switches, and PCB boards for high-end industries: such as medical equipment, military equipment, aerospace equipment, etc.

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