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Electronic wire processing process

As electronic devices become more abundant, the types of electronic wires are gradually increasing. Electronic wires are one of the most common electronic products in our lives. So what processes do electronic wire manufacturers have in the process of processing?

1. Check the relevant qualification report

Electronic wire, as an internal wire of electrical equipment, must have relevant qualification certificates, such as the UL certification in the United States and the ROHS environmental report provided by SGS. The report does not allow lead (Pb), mercury (Hg), and cadmium. (Cd), brominated biphenyls (PBB), polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDE) and other hazardous substances. Before production and processing, the relevant qualification certificates of the electronic wire must be complete to ensure the quality of the electronic wire from the source.

2. Cutting wires

The first step of electronic wire processing is to cut the wire. According to the drawings or samples provided by the customer, the electronic wire is cut to the length required by the customer. The length of the cutting wire must be within the tolerance range. During the cutting process, the electronics should not be cut. 

3. Peeling

The second step of the electronic wire processing is to cut the wire. According to the customer's drawing requirements, strip the corresponding length of the insulation cover of the wire at the joint. During the stripping process, do not cut or cut the copper wire inside the electronic wire.

4. Twist

The third step of electronic wire processing is to twist the copper wire conductor at the electronic wire joint, and twist the loose copper wire into a strand. During the processing, the copper wire needs to be tightened to prevent loose copper wire.

5. Tinned

The fourth step of electronic wire processing is tinning. After the electronic wire is twisted, the opening part of the electronic wire needs to be tinned to prevent oxidation of the electronic wire connector conductor. During the tinning process, you need to pay attention to it. The big head of tin, the situation of dipping tin.

6. Product inspection

After completing the above four processing steps, we also need to check the electronic wire to check the color and length of the electronic wire, whether there are indentations or scars on the surface of the electronic wire, whether there is a loose hole in the screw hole of the electronic wire, and the electronic wire Whether the tin is intact, and if there is a large number of not tinned, avoid the outflow of defective products

7. Packing and sealing

Finally, we also need to pack and pack the electronic wires, use plastic bags to encapsulate the finished electronic wires, put them into a carton, and the carton should be sealed smoothly without falling off. After the packaging is completed, the shipment can be completed.

The above is the entire process of electronic wire processing. However, with the continuous development of mechanization and automation, the efficiency of electronic wire processing is continuously improving. It is no longer the previous multi-step and multi-process such as wire cutting, peeling, and tinning. Instead, it adopts brand-new automatic machinery, cutting wire, stripping and tinning, etc., which can be completed simultaneously on one machine, which greatly improves production efficiency and product quality.

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