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What is UL2468 Flat Ribbon Cable

UL2468 Flat Cable is a type of flat cable under the UL certification of the United States, also called flexible circuit board (FPC). It is used for data transmission in moving parts and active areas in accordance with the regulations of the industry's specifications, such as wiring rules, line sequence, line color, and line number. It is widely used in lighting fixtures, household appliances, electric heating appliances, instrumentation, and motor lead wires. And high temperature wire environment such as electronics, lamps, dyeing tools, etc.

UL2468 Flat Cable

Basic parameters of UL2468 Flat Ribbon Cable

1. The conductor uses multiple strands of tinned copper wire stranded, environmentally friendly tinned copper wire

2. Insulation material: heat-resistant PVC insulation

3. Rated temperature: 80℃ Rated voltage: 300V

4. Combustion test: can pass VW-1 and FT1, vertical flame test

5. With acid and alkali resistance, oil resistance, moisture resistance, mildew resistance, etc., it is convenient for peeling and cutting\

UL2468 Flat Ribbon Cable

Pay attention to the following points when purchasing UL2468 Flat Cable:

1. Look at the packaging:

There should be specifications, length, date, factory name and address, etc. on it. Labels and printing should be clear.

2. Look at the color of copper:

Qualified copper core wires should be purple-red, shiny, and soft to the touch. Inferior ones are purple, whitish or yellowish.

3. Look at the insulating rubber

The insulation layer of the low-quality wire looks very thick, in fact, if you press it harder, the pressed part will be white and powder will fall off.

UL2468 Flat Cable

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