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What are the characteristics of the cable?

Heat-resistant and high-temperature wires and cables are usually determined by two requirements. The first is the high ambient temperature of wires and cables. Cables can usually transmit signals or electrical energy for a long time at high temperatures. The other type is power transmission cables, the main purpose of which is to improve interception capabilities.

1. A cable that works in a high temperature environment. Ordinary cables are prone to insulation aging and scorching at high temperatures, and the use of the cable will cause performance degradation, damage and unusability. High temperature cables can work normally and stably at rated high temperatures, and the signal or power transmission performance will not be affected.

2. The cable has a long service life. This kind of functional cable is one of the most common high-temperature cables, and the use characteristics are also easy to understand.

3. The load-increasing high-temperature cable is mainly to ensure that the outer diameter and weight of the cable are reduced under the prerequisite of current-carrying, and to develop towards light weight. Generally speaking, the higher the operating temperature of the cable, the greater the current carrying capacity of the cable with the same cross-section. In occasions such as airplanes and automobiles, reducing weight also has a similar meaning. When the operating temperature rises from 90°C to 155°C, the current-carrying capacity increases by 50%. Under the same current carrying capacity, the weight of the cable is reduced by half, and the cost is also reduced. Of course, despite the high current, the power loss of most insulating materials will increase.

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