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The difference between single-core wire and multi-core wire

Everyone is familiar with wires. So, what is the difference between single-core wire and multi-core wire? Some people would say that a single-core wire has only one wire, and a multi-core wire means that there are multiple wires. It is true, but is the difference between the two only these? There are many differences between single core wire and multi core wire. If you don’t know, let’s take a look with the editor!
Single Core Wire
There is only one wire in the insulating layer of the single core wire. Advantages: strong tensile strength, not easy to break, easy to thread, and good stability. Disadvantages: poor heat dissipation, poor flexibility, and poor bending resistance.

Single core wire

Multi-core Cable
There are two or multiple conductors in the insulating layer of the multi-core wire. Advantages: good flexibility, good heat dissipation, good skin resistance, strong load capacity, disadvantages: poor tensile strength, easy to break, and joints need to be handled well.

Multi-core wire

What is the difference between single-core wire and multi-core wire?
1. The single-core wire has strong tensile strength. It should be more convenient in line joints and equipment wiring, while the multi-core wire is softer. It is suitable for lines with multiple bends and can be bent better without breaking.

2. The multi-core wire is soft and easy to construct, not easy to damage, and is suitable for multi-moving lines, while the single-core wire is harder and easy to fix.

3. For long-distance wiring, single-core wire should be used. The strength of single-core wire is high to ensure that it will not be broken.
4. In the case of the same cross-sectional area, the current carrying capacity of the multi-core wire is higher than that of the single-core wire, and the higher the frequency, the more obvious. Because the current has a skin effect, it travels on the surface of the conductor. The multi-core has a larger unfolding surface area, so the current carrying capacity is larger, and the heat dissipation performance is also better, but the multi-core is more expensive.

How to choose single-core wire or multi-core wire? Single core wire application: fixed, internal wire, strong current. Multi-core wire application: need to move, external wire, weak current. It is worth noting that the joints of multi-core wires are prone to heat due to poor contact, so the joints need to be handled properly. 

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