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Commonly Used Electronic Wire Types

In a sense, the electronic wire manufacturing industry is a material processing and assembly industry. First, the amount of materials used is huge, and the cost of materials in cable products accounts for 80-90% of the total manufacturing cost; Second, the types and varieties of materials used are very large, and the performance requirements are particularly high, such as copper for conductors, and those that require copper. The purity should be above 99.95%, and some products should use oxygen-free high-purity copper; third, the selection of materials will have a decisive influence on the manufacturing process, the function of the product, and the service life.

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Commonly used electronic wires and cables are divided into several types according to their uses: according to their uses, they can be divided into bare wires, insulated wires, heat-resistant wires, shielded wires, power cables, control cables, communication cables, radio frequency cables, etc. Common insulated wires include the following types: PVC insulated wires, PVC insulated cords, nitrile and PVC compound insulated cords, rubber insulated wires, direct buried aluminum core plastic insulated wires for agricultural use, and rubber insulated cotton yarns. Wires, PVC insulated nylon sheathed wires, PVC insulated cords for power and lighting, etc.

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The quality of the electronic wire we produce is not only guaranteed by a good production process, but its price is more and more recognized by the general public. The rated voltage of the cable should be greater than or equal to the rated voltage of the power supply system at the installation point; the continuous allowable current of the cable should be equal to or greater than the large continuous current of the power supply load; the core section should meet the requirements of the stability of the power supply system when the power supply system is short-circuited; check the calculation according to the cable length Whether the voltage drop meets the requirements.

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Dongguan Fengzhan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd specializes in manufacturing various electronic wires. For example: pvc hook up wire, silicone wire, multicore cable, usb cable, etc. Welcome to inquiry.



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