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Three new terminal blocks for wiring harnesses

The insulator material of the Wire Harness is nylon, which has a high flame retardant grade and does not contain any harmful halogens. It has excellent flame retardant performance, safety and environmental protection. Common materials for wiring harnesses are also thermoplastic polyesters; and liquid crystal polymers for use with perforation reflow technology.

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1. Screw terminals
The terminal connection wire of screw connection has always occupied an important position in the electronic industry, and now it has become an important component of the printed circuit board. Its structured design takes into account the features of convenient wiring and reliable screw connection.

2. Spring connection terminal:
The printed circuit board terminal connection line of the spring connection method is divided into two types: the pull-back spring connection and the butterfly spring connection. Among them, the pull-back spring terminals and screw terminals are compatible with each other, which greatly increases the flexibility. Reliable connection: front connection, visible connection, low maintenance, no need to tighten.

3. IDC stripping-free quick terminal cable:
IDC no-stripping quick terminal connecting wire can realize the quick connection of insulated conductor without any tools. Pull the auxiliary lever to push the wire into the knife edge and cut off the insulation to achieve a gas-tight connection. This wiring method saves wiring time by up to 60%, no stripping, no tools, just disconnection, and that's it. It is also certified for Ethernet wiring (category five).



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