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How to properly store UL silicone wire

UL silicone wire not only needs to pay attention to many places when using it, but its storage method and environment are also very important. If it is not stored properly, it will seriously affect the quality of UL silicone wire. Be sure to pay attention to:

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1. Prohibit contact with acids, alkalis and mineral oils, and store them separately from these corrosive substances;
2. There shall be no harmful gas in the UL silicone rubber wire storage warehouse, which damages the insulation and corrodes the metal;
3. Try to avoid exposing the UL silicone rubber cable to the open air;
4. During the storage period of UL silicone wire, it should be rolled regularly (once every 3 months in summer, and can be extended in other seasons as appropriate). During the flipping process, the disk surface should be turned down, otherwise the disk surface will not be soaked by water. During storage, pay attention to whether the head is in good condition;
5. The storage period of UL silicone wire is limited to the ex-factory period of the product. Generally speaking, it is better to be more than one and a half years, and up to two years. Please refer to the product instructions for details.

The above five points should be strictly observed when storing UL silicone wires. One point cannot be ignored, so as not to cause losses and affect the safety of use.



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