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The 4 advantages of high temperature cables

1. Heat resistance

High temperature cables have a strong heat resistance. The high-temperature cable uses the latest casing materials, which has a very high level of heat resistance compared with traditional cables. The working environment of the cable is occasionally extreme, such as outdoor exposure, buried land resources, etc., and the surrounding conditions will be very high, which may easily cause unstable data transmission by the cable, causing changes to everyone, but high-temperature cables can be well avoided. One point, the strong heat transfer and heat resistance can ensure the normal work of the cable under high temperature conditions.

2. Long service life

Generally, the cable is very easy to age after a period of use, which makes the main parameters of various properties of the cable decrease to varying degrees. However, due to its manufacturing and processing technology, the high-temperature cable promotes its aging resistance. It is very strong and can be used for a long time without aging, which generally enhances the service life of the cable.

3. Strong corrosion resistance

Because the working environment of the cable is relatively extreme, various corrosive gases and liquids are likely to appear outside, which will endanger the normal operation of the cable, cause corrosion to the shell of the cable, and cause poor data transmission of the internal metal, but the high temperature cable With strong corrosion resistance, it can prevent damage to cables caused by corrosive chemicals to a large extent, so as to ensure that the cables can operate normally and efficiently.

4, high-quality flame retardant grade

Another obvious feature of high-temperature cables is that they have a good flame retardant grade. Because ordinary cables use plastic as the raw material for the casing, they are very easy to be ignited in the event of a fire, causing damage to the cable itself. However, the high-quality flame retardant properties of high-temperature cables can prevent ignition, so as to ensure that in the event of a fire, the damage level of machinery and equipment can be greatly reduced. 

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