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The Use Of Flexible Cables in Different Industries

As a wire manufacturer, we are familiar with various cables. Design and manufacture high-quality cables according to customers' actual use environment and use requirements. Such as: PVC Hook Up Wire, Silicone Wire, Multicore Cable, etc. In particular, in order to meet the basic requirements, the production process of high-flex cables should be different. The customer's requirements increase the service life of the cable.

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Highly flexible cables are used in mobile applications. Most of them are used with drag chain systems, mainly to prevent cables from tangling, abrasion and falling off. Therefore, the cable is placed in the drag chain to protect the cable and prolong its service life. In addition, highly flexible cables are also called tow cables or tank chain cables or tow chain cables, and are often used in storage equipment, robots, cranes, metallurgical industry and other fields.

2468 flat ribbon cable
The following introduces the use environment of high-flex cables:

Warehousing equipment

In the operation of storage equipment, because the equipment has a long running distance and its direction is not fixed, a drag chain cable is required. If ordinary cables are used, the cables will be easily worn out, and the normal operation of the equipment will also be affected. There is no guarantee that the equipment meets the actual application requirements and meets the enterprise's warehousing work. Therefore, in the operation of storage equipment, high-flex cables have become the main application cables. Mainly use the cable's flexibility, bending resistance, drag resistance, abrasion resistance and other characteristics to increase the efficiency of the equipment.


The cables used by robots require high requirements. When companies produce robots, they usually use flexible cables for testing to ensure the success of production robots. Robots are made of steel equipment. To be flexible in their activities, high-quality flexible cables must be used for their internal cables, which can ensure that the internal cables will not be worn out and their use will not be affected when the robot moves flexibly. Mainly use its characteristics of bending resistance, flexibility, abrasion resistance, and oil resistance.


The use of cranes requires the support of cables, and cranes are large equipment. In order to ensure the safe use of equipment, the quality of the cables used is high. When using lifting equipment, flexible cables are the best choice to meet the requirements of safe power and control signals. Transmission.

Metallurgical industry

In the metallurgical industry, the highly flexible cables of wire manufacturers have become important power components for equipment. It must not only ensure the safety of the equipment operation, but also must meet the operation requirements of the equipment. Therefore, the user should choose carefully when using the cable, so as not to affect the use of the device due to the wrong cable selection.



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