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The Protective Layer And Structure Of The Electronic Wire

The protective layer of the electronic wire can improve the electric field structure in the wire, prevent the discharge caused by the sharp rise in the appearance of the conductor, and reduce the partial discharge of the electronic wire, ensuring the dominant life and reliability of the wire. There are rubber sheathed cables with a rated voltage of 5kv in the standard, and they all propose conductor protection conditions for rubber sheathed cables with a rated voltage. The protective layer must be constructed to have a surrounding structure. According to this situation, the rubber sheathed cable for mining must also have a conductor sheath to ensure the safe operation of the cable.

electrical wires structure
The conductor protection layer of the insulated wire shall be processed with semi-conductive silicon rubber or PVC material. The conductor protective layer is produced around, and the protective layer produced by the Wire Harness around the wire is twice smoother than that produced by the winding braid without protrusions, which is convenient for the promotion of the uniform electric field.

pvc hook up wire
The thickness of the conductor protection layer is derived from two conditions: one is to ensure that the surrounding conductor protection layer has a smooth appearance. Because the rubber sheathed cables are twisted with thin copper wires, they cannot be used for pressing, so the appearance of the cables will be twisted to a certain extent. These irregularities will not affect the electrical performance of low-voltage cables too much, but for low-voltage cables, they just cause uneven electric field strength. Rely on the surrounding or wrapped conductor protective layer to eliminate interference.

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