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What Are The Tests For UL Electronic Wires

Common testing items and testing purposes of UL electronic wires. Electrical performance testing mainly includes conductor DC resistance, insulation resistance, finished product voltage test and insulated wire core voltage test. Each item is very important. The conductor resistance directly reflects the electrical transmission performance of the cable. Affect the temperature, life, voltage drop, and operational safety of the cable during power-on operation.

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Mainly examine the material and cross-sectional area of the conductor. If the material of the conductor is not good or the cross-sectional area is seriously insufficient, the DC resistance of the conductor will be seriously exceeded. This kind of cable laying in the line will increase the loss when the current passes on the line, causing the cable The conductor itself heats up, causing the insulation of the coated conductor to age and crack, resulting in leakage and short circuit of the power supply line, and even a fire, endangering the safety of people and property. The standard has strict regulations on the conductor DC resistance value of cables of different specifications, which shall not be greater than the value specified in the standard.

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The electromagnetic wire of UL electronic wire is composed of a single painted wire, or a combination or twisted of multiple painted wires, using film fibers, tapes or extruded mixtures as the outer coating to form a bundle. The magnet wire conductor should have a small rated temperature of AWM, and be evaluated according to the requirements of UL1007, "Insulation Material System".

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