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The role of Teflon high temperature wire

The temperature range of Teflon high temperature wire is -60℃-200℃, working voltage: 300/500 volts, electrical conductor material: electroplated tin copper core wire, conductor and insulator are silica gel, hand-woven layer is glass fiber silicone resin. Teflon high temperature wire can also be used in a long-term humid and cold natural environment, and has excellent electrical equipment characteristics, moisture resistance and mildew removal. Excellent bending characteristics, the minimum bending radius is 16 times the diameter of the cable, and it can be moved. Applicable to a variety of mobile motors with rated AC current of 300/500 volts and below, steel, airlines, power plants, petrochemicals and other high temperature environments.

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Teflon high temperature wire is suitable for cables with a long-term allowable operating temperature of less than 180°C, and is allowed to be used within a working temperature range of not less than -60°C. It is suitable for moving household appliances in high temperature environments such as power generation, metallurgical industry, chemical plants protective earth. Electrical products, lighting equipment, electronic products, electric heater products, heavy machinery and equipment, electrical engineering equipment, industrial production machinery and equipment, electric heater products and other high-temperature sites, and their microwave oven heating, printers, copiers, printers, Internal electrode connection lines of scanners, instruments, motor wiring and other equipment, as well as wiring in high temperature natural environments such as electronic products and household appliances.

Teflon high temperature wire has excellent acid resistance, alkali resistance, antifungal properties, cold and wet natural environment and resistance to various raw materials. In addition, the cable has the advantages of excellent flexibility, moisture resistance and compression resistance. The allowable bending radius is strongly recommended for Teflon high temperature wire laying. The armored cable should not be less than 6 times the diameter of the cable, and the armored cable should not be less than 12 times the diameter of the cable. Insulation characteristics of Teflon high temperature wire: Silicone has high resistance, and its resistor can be maintained for a long time in a wide temperature range and frequency range. In addition, silicone rubber has excellent resistance to high-voltage arc discharge and electric isolation charge and discharge characteristics, such as high-voltage insulators, TV high-voltage caps, electrical components, etc



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