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Advantages of Low-smoke halogen-free wire

Low-smoke halogen-free wire and cable has excellent flame retardant function, less smoke and no corrosive gas escape during incineration. It is widely used in nuclear power plants, subway stations, telephone exchanges and computer control centers, high-rise buildings, hotels, radio and television stations, important military facilities and oil channels, etc., as well as places with relatively concentrated personnel and low air density.

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Features of low-smoke halogen-free wire:

(1) The tensile strength is higher than that of general PVC wire: the tensile strength of general PVC wire is greater than 1.05Kgf/mm2, and the tensile strength of low-smoke halogen-free wire is greater than 1.2Kgf/mm2;
(2) Good weather resistance (-30℃~105℃);
(3) Good softness (hardness 80-90);
(4) No movement (because no plasticizer is added to the product formula, there will be no shape change);
(5) No toxic black smoke will occur when burning (a small amount of white smoke will occur);
(6) High volume resistivity: PVC wire is generally 1012~1015Ω/cm3, and low-smoke halogen-free wire is greater than 1016Ω/cm3;
(7) Has good high-voltage characteristics: PVC wires are generally greater than 10KV, and low-smoke halogen-free wires are up to 15KV;
(8) It has good elasticity and viscosity.



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