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The Meaning Of Wire Color

In daily life, whether it is house decoration or internal wiring of home appliances, wires are commodities that people often use and pay attention to, but do you know what each color of wire represents?

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1). The meaning of the wire color of the wire manufacturer

1. Black: equipment and internal wiring of equipment.

2. Brown: the positive pole of the DC circuit.

3. Red: three-phase circuit, phase C; collector of semiconductor transistor; cathode of semiconductor diode, rectifier diode or thyristor.

4. Yellow: Phase A of the three-phase circuit; the base of the semiconductor transistor; the control electrode of the thyristor and the triac.

5. Green: Phase B of the three-phase circuit.

6. Blue: the negative pole of the DC circuit; the emitter of the semiconductor transistor; the anode of the semiconductor diode, rectifier diode or thyristor.

7. Light blue: the neutral or neutral line of a three-phase circuit; the grounded neutral line of a DC circuit.

8. White: the main electrode of the triac; the semiconductor circuit without the designated color.

9. Yellow and green two colors: (each color is about 15-100 mm wide and alternately attached), a safety grounding wire.

10. Red and black parallel: AC circuits connected by double-core wires or twisted-pair wires.

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2). We choose wires of different colors according to the circuit:

1. Three-phase AC circuit: Phase A: Yellow, Phase B: Green, Phase C: Red

Neutral wire or neutral wire: blue, protective ground wire: yellow and green double colors.

2. In a single-phase circuit: live wire: red, neutral wire: blue.

3. AC circuit connected by two-core wire or twisted pair: red and black are connected in parallel.

4. DC circuit: positive pole: brown, negative pole: blue, ground wire: blue.

5. It is usually recommended that the entire device and the internal wiring of the device: black.

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