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UL Electronic Wire Color Usage

What is the use of the color of UL electronic wire for customers? UL electronic wires can be customized in various specifications and colors according to customer needs. Therefore, in actual engineering, it is often found that the color of the electronic wire does not meet the requirements. For some engineering three-phase lighting electronic wires, the three phase wires are wires of the same color; for some engineering single-phase three-core lighting cables, the wires are red. Black, white and three colors. In addition, the remedial measures of winding the tape around the electronic wire should not be used. Therefore, when ordering electronic wires or flat wires in the project, in addition to the model number, the cross-section and color of the wire should also be indicated.

The color specification of the protective ground wire stipulates that insulated wires with alternating yellow and green colors should be used. Under normal conditions, yellow and green insulated wires must be used. The neutral wire color specification stipulates that the neutral wire should be light blue insulated wires. Light blue should be used first when conditions permit. In some countries, the neutral line is white. If the building uses white as the same-sex line due to the owner's request, then all the neutral lines in the building should be white. If the color of the neutral electronic wire is dark blue, then the phase wire color should not be green, because in dim light, the difference between dark blue and green is not much. At this time, when the phase wire color is used for single-phase power supply, red or yellow should be used. .


The commonly used colors of UL electronic wires are red, black, white and three colors. Take a three-phase residential building as an example. When the three-phase power is introduced into the three-phase watt-hour meter box, the phase wires should be yellow, green and red. When the single-phase power is introduced into the single-phase watt-hour meter box, the phase wires should be in three colors of yellow, green and red respectively. The phase wire color of the three-core sheathed wire introduced from the single-phase watt-hour meter box into the household distribution box need not be the same as the color of the connected lead-in wire. Only when the user adopts a three-phase watt-hour meter box, the color of the box wire introduced from the three-phase watt-hour meter box into the household distribution box should be the same as the phase wire into which the phase wire enters. Three-phase watt-hour meter box No. 2-4 room into the household distribution box box line can be any one of yellow, green and red, because it is required that the color of the phase line is easy to distinguish when multi-phase wires are used for wiring. For example, when a user in room 2 has a power failure, the incoming wire of the single-phase watt-hour meter in room 2 is red. As long as the red-phase wire entering the building is energized through the tester, the fault can be judged. Therefore, there are certain requirements for color when using wires.


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