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The difference between UL1007 electrical wires and 1015 electrical cables

Everyone knows that electronic wire is the most commonly used variety in wire and cable products, as electronic wire, and its energization is mainly based on weak current. As long as it is applied to the internal connection wires of electronics, electrical appliances, and equipment, UL electronic wires are commonly used electronic wire series with many models. UL1007 wires and UL1015 wire are the most common, and many customers used these two type wires. Let's take a look at the similarities and differences between them.

similarities: First of all, these two wires are PVC electronic wires, and the insulation is made of PVC material. PVC is a very commonly used general-purpose plastic, which is widely used and has great needs and functions in all walks of life. PVC has coloring, migration, weather resistance, stability, electrical properties, etc., which are also the characteristics of these two wires. The conductor can be a single or stranded tinned copper wire or bare copper wire. Most users will choose tinned copper wire, which has an anti-oxidation effect.

Differences: UL1007: temperature resistance 80℃, rated voltage 300V, conductor size from 30~16AWG; UL1015: temperature resistance 105℃, rated voltage 600V; so you can see these two electronic products The temperature resistance of the wire is different. UL1015 is biased towards high temperature resistance, while 1007 is the temperature resistance of conventional PVC. And it is also different in terms of withstand voltage. 

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