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Production terminal wiring harness process

Terminal wiring harnesses are becoming more and more popular, but at the same time the quality and performance of terminal wiring harnesses are getting more and more attention. How users should choose when facing a variety of products, presumably this is a problem that everyone must consider. So do you know the production process of terminal wiring harness? Next, let's take a look at the production process of wiring harness electronic connection line can be divided into the following major steps:

wire harness2.jpg
1. Wire cutting: Cut the required various finished wires into the length required for the production of connecting wires.

2. Terminal crimping: crimp the appropriate electronic connection wire terminal to the cut wire.

3. Sub-assembly components: install plug-ins, etc. to become small-unit sub-lines.

4. Assembly and assembly: Assemble various small-strand distribution lines on a large tooling board, pack them with tape, and install various protective parts such as bellows, protective brackets and other electronic connection lines.

5. Inspection: Check whether the circuits are unblocked, visual inspection, and grommet waterproof inspection on the special inspection board.



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