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PCB wire harness production inspection method

The PCB wiring harness provides services for the load source group, such as relay lines, switching devices, control systems, etc. The load source is the service object of the PCB wiring harness, usually refers to the user equipment; in a broad sense, the upper-level equipment is the load source of the next-level equipment. In telephone communication, the load source is also called the call source, and the number of service equipment contained in the terminal wire is called the terminal wire capacity.

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1) Detection and judgment of PCB wiring harness burnout fault
In the circuit of the power system, where the electric terminal wire is grounded, the electrical terminal wire is burned, and the junction between the burned out and the intact part can be regarded as the grounding of the wire; if the electric terminal wire is burned to the wiring of an electrical device When it is located, it indicates that the electrical equipment is faulty.

2) Detection and judgment of short circuit, open circuit, and poor contact faults between lines. The terminal line is squeezed and impacted by the outside, which causes damage to the wire insulation layer in the terminal wire, resulting in a short circuit between the wires.

When judging, the electrical terminal wire connectors at both ends of the electrical equipment and the control switch can be disassembled, and the short circuit of the circuit can be detected with an electric meter or a test lamp.

In addition to the obvious breaking phenomenon, common faults mostly occur between the wire and the wire terminal. After some wires are disconnected, the outer insulation layer and the wire terminals are intact, but the inner core wire of the wire and the wire terminals are disconnected. When judging, you can do a tensile test on the conductive wire and the wire terminal that is suspected of breaking. During the tensile test, if the wire insulation layer becomes thinner, it can be confirmed that the wire has been broken.

The wire is in poor contact, and the fault mostly occurs in the connector. When a fault occurs, it will cause the electrical equipment to fail to work normally. When judging, turn on the power of the electrical equipment, touch or pull the relevant connector of the electrical equipment. malfunction.



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