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UL electronic wire insulation material

The PVC formula of UL electronic wire is that PVC material plus additives are mixed to meet the product requirements evenly. Complicated formulas require the addition of anti-disorder agents, lubricants, processing aids, fillers, pigments, toughening agents, plasticizers, and some special additives.

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The plasticizer content of the insulating material of UL electronic wire is usually between 50PHR and 60PHR. Plasticizers with excellent heat resistance and electrical insulation properties are often selected. Trioctyl trimellitate can be added in order to better improve heat resistance. It is usually the best to use multiple plasticizers together. In fact, the plasticizers in the PVC cable compound formula are also used together. Phosphate ester can be selected as the main agent of pvc cable material with strong insulation, and phthalate ester is used as the main agent for general-purpose grade. The heat resistance and volatility resistance of the plasticizer in UL electronic wire are the decisive factors for the high temperature resistance of the cable material.



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