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MOLEX LVDS FFC Wiring Harness

To meet a variety of application and electrical harness requirements, two FFC connector harnesses for LVDS applications are available

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Both one-piece and two-piece LVDS (Low Voltage Differential Signaling) harnesses are available for standard speed requirements with normal FFC cables or high speed requirements with shielded FFC cables. When used with shielded cables, the ground terminals of both systems provide effective noise control and signal line impedance control for high frequency, low power applications such as LVDS.

One-Piece Connector Harness: The original FFC connector form for LVDS applications was the traditional one-piece, a system where the FFC plugged directly into the FFC printed circuit board connector. This form is compact and practical and reduces the use of components, which reduces assembly time and saves costs. The system features extensive, strong ground terminals that provide strong printed circuit board retention and a stable flat surface. In the vertical version, the ground terminal also acts as the main solder lug, saving space and eliminating the need for additional solder lugs on each connector end.

Two-Piece Connector Harness: Our latest version is a two-piece type ideal for applications such as flat panel TV displays that require high circuit size connections. This new two-piece system is a cost-effective alternative to wire-to-board connectors. The two-piece design ensures that the FFC can be inserted safely and easily without damage that would otherwise occur in a single-circuit size single-piece FFC application design.

MOLEX LVDS FFC Harness advantages

Adapt to high-speed, high-frequency signal requirements such as LVDS

Wide and flat vacuum area

Easy access to components

Accepts standard or shielded FFC connectors

Flexible design

Pressure lock (two-piece design)

Contact reliability and safe mating assurance

Easy-on drive (one-piece design)

Simple cable insertion and reliable cable retention



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