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Wiring harness processing knowledge

There are often some bad elements in Wire Harness processing, and the primary factor that causes this element is that the small details of processing are not solved well. In fact, many of them can be prevented. Let me introduce some common sense to this problem!

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1. The tin plating layer of the wire processed by the wire harness needs to be controlled, because after the wire is stripped, once the wire is stained with tin, it may cause PVC to shrink when exposed to heat for too long, so it is necessary to control the time of electroplating tin. , can not be too long, at the same time to ensure that the tin is well-proportioned and completely covered.

2. When the wire harness is put through the plastic shell, pay attention to the PIN of the terminal, because the rubber shell often causes the terminal to lose the PIN. Therefore, in the process of wire harness processing, it is necessary to have a pull-back posture every time it is inserted into a hole, so as to ensure that every terminal that crosses the plastic shell is all high-quality products.

3. After the wire harness is crimped, the tensile strength must be guaranteed. If the tensile strength after crimping is not up to the standard, it is necessary to check whether the crimping operation scale of the terminal and the wire conductor is compatible and moldable. Whether the raw materials and structure plans are effective, whether the raw materials of the terminals meet the standards, etc



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