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How to distinguish the quality of Teflon wire

I believe some people have not heard of Teflon cable, and some people even don’t know what Teflon cable is. But those who know Teflon cable know how to distinguish the quality of Teflon cable? Next, we will teach you how to distinguish the quality of Teflon thread.

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1. The surface layer is glossy, the coating continues to be uniform, the color is uniform, and there is no trace of air oxidation. The surface layer of the electrical conductor does not have to have defects such as triangular openings, cracks, expansion and contraction, mixing, pitting, damage to mechanical equipment, and black spots of erosion.

2. The pitch diameter of the cable is even. The appearance design of the cable should be glossy, free of extrusion, circular bending, etc.

3. The shielding layer of metal materials should be continuous, overlapped, and the density cannot be subpackaged, etc., and the cable should be smooth and shiny.

4. The packages should be overlapped, without curling, ignoring, etc., and there should be no traces of moisture return inside the cable



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