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Characteristics of silicone high temperature wire

Silicone high temperature wire has the function of high temperature and low temperature resistance, electrical insulation function, chemical stability function, high voltage resistance, aging resistance, and long service life. And it is soft and easy to install. Silicone high temperature wire has the characteristics of acid resistance, alkali resistance, and antifungal resistance. It is resistant to damp and hot environments and a variety of greases. The silicone high temperature wire has good flexibility, waterproof and pressure resistance, etc.

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The silicone high temperature wire sheath is made of silicone material, which is generally only slightly damaged after an open flame burns, which can be relatively flame-retardant and greatly reduce the degree of loss. Silicone high temperature wire is suitable for the fixed installation of power devices with AC rated voltages of 450/750V and below, that is, single-core non-sheathed cables for general purposes, that is, ordinary insulated wires and home improvement wires used in our daily lives. Silicone high temperature wires are commonly used Wire type.

Silicone high-temperature wires are mainly used in power lines, control lines and signal transmission lines for electrical appliances, meters, electronic equipment and automation devices. Specifically, they can be used in anti-theft alarm systems, building intercom systems, etc. Each product of Dingsheng Silicone High-Temperature Line has undergone strict inspection and testing, so that every engineer has no worries about wiring, and the entire series of products can provide inspection reports.

Silicone high-temperature wire is suitable for cables whose long-term allowable working temperature is below +200°C and allowed to be used within an ambient temperature range of not less than 60°C. They are used in high-temperature environments such as power generation, metallurgy, chemical industry and other high-temperature environments. connect. Wiring of household appliances, lighting fixtures, electronic equipment, electric heating products, heavy industry machinery, electric power installations, industrial machines, electric heating products and other high-temperature places, as well as internal connection wires for microwave ovens, fax machines, printers, copiers, scanners, etc. High-temperature environments such as instrumentation, motor lead wires, electronics, and gas appliances.



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