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Which fields are silicone wire suitable for

Silicone wire has the characteristics of excellent acid-resistant, alkali-resistant primer, and antifungal. It can withstand cold, humid natural environment and a variety of vegetable oils. In addition, the cable has good flexibility and has the advantages of moisture resistance and pressure resistance. Applicable cables allow long-term operating temperatures below +180°C and allow them to be used in areas above -60°C. They are used for the connection of mobile home appliances in high-temperature natural environments such as power generation, metallurgical industry, and chemical plant industrial production.

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The rated temperature of the silicone wire is high, basically reaching 150℃~300℃, and the rated current is about 600V. Choose silicone as the material of the insulating layer, the thickness of the insulating layer is uniform, fast peeling and the UL3239 of Zhongzheng Cable's honor product, for example, rated The rated current with a value temperature of 150°C is 3KV-50KV, which can be used for wiring and microwave heating in high-temperature places such as electrical products, lighting equipment, electronic products, electric heating products, heavy industrial machinery, power installations, industrial production equipment, and electric heating products. High-temperature natural environment such as internal electrode connecting wires and instrument equipment, motor guide wires and electronic equipment, gas equipment, etc. of printers, copiers, printers, scanners and other equipment.

Silica gel is widely used in the manufacturing industries of electrical, electronic, and other mechanical equipment, such as high-voltage transmission lines, communications, aerospace, airlines, and lighting fixtures. Silica gel has excellent corrosion resistance, hardly dissolves all solvents, and can resist oil and strong alkalis. , Strong acid, oxidant, etc. Silica gel is widely used in high-temperature natural environments such as lighting equipment, electrical equipment, electric heating appliances, instrumentation, motor leads and electronic equipment, lighting equipment, gas equipment, etc. The long-term allowable operating temperature of the applicable cable is below +180℃, and it is allowed to be used in the field of working temperature above -60℃.

In the electronics industry, silicone wire can be used for temperature compensation wires, cold-resistant transmission lines, high-temperature heating transmission lines, aging-resistant cables and flame-retardant cables. Silica gel can be used for internal wiring of air conditioners, microwave ovens, electronic equipment disinfection plates, computer rice cookers, electronic equipment thermos, ovens, electric frying pans, lighting fixtures, etc



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