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How to choose Teflon wire

1. See if the Teflon wire can give UL qualification certificate. The wire and cable products produced by reliable manufacturers all contain the UL qualification certificate issued by my country. Since UL certification is a significant reflection of safe products, it can confirm product quality to a certain level.

UL1332 Wire1.jpg

2. Look at the thickness of the Teflon wire and cable sheath. Different types of wires have different cable jacket thicknesses and required standard value ranges. In addition, the thickness of the high-quality wire and cable sheath is relatively symmetrical, facing the core board.

3. Check whether the core of the Teflon wire product meets the requirements. Teflon wire is made through rigorous metal drawing, quenching, stranding and other processes. The surface of the wire core is not only smooth and bright, but also has no burrs, strong ductility, and is not easy to break.



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