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Quality judgment of wire harness processing

Wire Harnesses are widely used by wire harness processing in the production of some equipment, and purchasers need to have a basic understanding of the quality of the processed wire harnesses. On the one hand, it can better ensure the quality of the purchased and processed wiring harness, and on the other hand, it can prevent some unnecessary losses.

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1. To judge the quality of wiring harness processing connectors, choose a connector supplier with quality assurance, or find a one-stop service for connector production and wiring harness processing, or find a manufacturer that provides proofing;

2. Determination of wire harness processing wire

There is printing on the wire, and the printing contains all the general information of the wire;

There are many methods for judging the material of the insulating layer, and the methods for judging the wire of different materials are different;

The inspection method of the wire, now the most commonly used conductor is tinned copper wire. The electrical performance of copper-clad steel is very poor but the price is very low. Magnets can be used for identification; the number of strands, and the ductility of the conductor;

3. Determination of the quality of wire harness processing technology

Terminal crimping is the core technology of processing;

Forming is judged and compared from the perspective of appearance aesthetics;

If there is a welding process, it is necessary to dissect and investigate whether the tin point is full, whether there is false welding, false welding, missing welding, etc.



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