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Classification of UL electronic wires

UL electronic wire is a general term for electronic wire that has passed UL certification. It is an electronic wire that meets the environmental protection requirements under the EU ROHS standard. Certification to meet the standard of low-smoke halogen-free electronic wire: There are mainly UL Underwriter Laboratories Inc.

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UL electronic wire can be divided into the following categories: SRPVC electronic wire, PVC electronic wire, UL1007, UL1015, UL1061, UL1571, UL2468, UL2651, UL20080, electronic wire, rehearsal wire, gray wire, UL high temperature silicone electronic wire, Teflon Long PVC, high temperature silicone power cord, high temperature Teflon double-layer electronic wire, high temperature Teflon cable, UL high temperature silicone cable, high temperature silicone cable, UL high temperature Teflon wire, high temperature Teflon wire, XLPVC cross-linked Mapping electronic wire: UL3610, UL3785, UL1685, UL3443, UL3336, UL1429, UL1430, UL1431. Generally used in electronics, electrical appliances, automobiles, electronic toys, lighting, TV, computer peripheral cables.

For example: 1007 20AWG copper body standard should be 26/0.16, 20 copper wires, each copper wire diameter is 0.16, of course, this conductor structure can also be customized according to customer production, but the completed outer diameter must be in line with UL standards, If it does not meet the requirements, it is regarded as a non-marking line; the meaning of 1007, 1007 is just a code, which represents the wire that meets the 80°300V in UL certification.



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