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Crimp requirements for terminals in wiring harness

Crimp requirements for terminals in wiring harness

In the production process of wiring harness, there must be strict requirements for terminal crimping to avoid the generation and outflow of bad terminal wires. The following is a summary of some specific requirements in the crimping process of terminal wires.

1. The whole terminal must not be deformed or bent, and a straight line must be maintained;

2. The bayonet must pop up normally and cannot be depressed;

3. The core wire of the front end should be exposed 0.3~1.3mm;

4. The bell mouth must be kept at the back end, the core wire must be visible to the naked eye between the back end and the wire sheath, and the wire sheath must expose the rear foot of the terminal;

5. The drop of the original terminal cannot be flattened;

6. The crimping part of the thread skin should be fixed to the thread, and the thread skin should not be pierced more than 2/3.

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