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How to calculate the diameter of the electronic wire?

There are three international standards for electronic electronic wire. The square is a nominal value specified by the national standard, and the square is the load of the cable used by the user to consider the connecting cable. The number of squares processed by the electronic connecting wire is an oral term in the decoration and hydropower construction. The number of square wires that is often said is the square mm. The square of the electronic connection wire actually refers to the cross-sectional area of the electronic wire, that is, the area of the circular cross-section of the electronic wire, and the sector is square mm. Generally speaking, when the grid voltage is 220v, the power per square electronic connection wires is about one kilowatt.

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1. 5 kilowatts, each square of aluminum wire can carry 0.6-1 kilowatts of electricity. Therefore, an electrical appliance with a power of 1 kilowatt only needs to use one square copper wire. As far as the current is concerned, ordinary copper wires can carry 3a to 5a of current per square during short-distance power transmission. The premise of heat dissipation is 5a/mm2, and 3a/mm2 is not good.

The radius of electronic wire processing is calculated by the formula for calculating the area of a circle:
The number of squares of the electronic wire (square mm) = pi (3.14) × the square of the wire radius (mm)

2. The diameter of the 5-square wire is: 2.5÷3.14 =0.8, and then the square root is 0.9mm, so the wire diameter of the 3 and 5-square wire is: 2×0.9mm=1.8mm.

Know the diameter of the cable, and calculate the square of the line with the formula for calculating the area of the circle: the square of the line = pi (3.14) × the square of the diameter of the line / 4

The size of the cable is also nominally squared, and the multi-strand wire is the sum of the cross-sectional areas of each conductor.

The formula for calculating the cross-sectional area of the cable: 0.7854×the square of the wire radius (mm)×the number of strands

Such as 48 strands (radius of each electronic wire 0.2mm) 1.5 square wire: 0.785×(0.2×0.2)×48=1.5 square



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