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The development of UL electronic wire in the electrical industry

UL electronic wire as an auxiliary material plays an indispensable role in instrumentation. After years of development, my country's instrumentation industry has also achieved good results in my country, especially the UL electronic wire testing industry is particularly prominent. developed by leaps and bounds.

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As my country's electronic wire products have been transformed from the initial quantification to the competition of product quality. It is understood that the number of UL electronic wire companies in my country ranks first in the world, with an annual output value of nearly 100 billion. Nowadays, the UL electronic wire industry in my country is developing very well, and the focus of the industry is gradually shifting from domestic to overseas.

At present, how to improve the quality of UL electronic wire products to meet the rapid development of the social rhythm is important. 1. Enhance the intelligent application of products, and the application of automatic product manipulation is the mainstream of today's social development. It has the functions of self-calibration, self-test, self-diagnosis and self-adaptation; it has the data processing capability of complex operation and error correction; the products with the function of automatically completing the specified measurement tasks can effectively improve the work efficiency. 2. Research and development of green products. Green energy saving is the mainstream of development in today's society, and it should meet the requirements of international EU environmental protection. Therefore, the development of green ROHS+16P halogen-free electronic wire will enhance the value of the product itself. Therefore, the UL electronic wire industry needs to constantly improve itself and cater to the market if it wants to stand on the world market



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