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Wire Harness Quality Control

The wiring harness actually refers to the connecting wire inside the electronic device. The quality of the product can be said to directly affect the performance of the electronic product, so the quality of the electronic wire is very important. How to control the quality of Wire Harness processing quality?

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Aiming at the complex connection relationship in wire harness processing and the plugging constraints between electronic wires and electrical appliances, the concepts of correlation intersection and correlation difference are proposed. On this basis, the constraint set model of electronic wire assembly is established, and the inline relationship is successfully solved. The problem of automatic extraction and automatic co-modification of subassemblies. This module is the key to ensure that the system operates in a safe and reliable environment. The specific work is: divide users into various categories such as designers and administrators, judge and set the right to use various functions of the system according to the permissions, confirm the inspection and detection of electronic line documents, unified print output, process document information "And other product data security.

Since the position of each port changes correspondingly after the electrical device is rotated and zoomed, it is necessary to reposition the end 13 in order to display the properties of the patch cord. At this point, the wire harness processing design becomes more important.

Wire harness processing technology design management: This is the management part of the process work, including electronic wire drawing version management, material coding management, electronic wire process file safety management, etc., which is of great significance to the standardized management of enterprises.



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