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Classification Of Electronic Wires

1. Electronic wire brands are classified according to the material of the outer skin: PVC electronic wire, PE electronic wire, TPU electronic wire, silicon rubber electronic wire, Teflon electronic wire.
2. Electronic wires are classified according to their functions: high temperature resistant electronic wires, high voltage resistant electronic wires, high temperature and high voltage electronic wires.
3. The electronic wires are classified according to the skin level: single-layer electronic wires, double-layer electronic wires, and three-layer electronic wires.

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Application and installation range, the cable has a tinned copper mesh shielding effect. As a measurement, monitoring and control cable, it is suitable for use in machine tool manufacturing, complete equipment installation engineering, power stations, heating and air conditioning systems, refrigeration equipment, office automation equipment, storage equipment, indoors Lifting equipment, and data processing systems and other occasions.

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Multi-core cable is heat-resistant and flame-retardant, excellent in insulation performance, and stable in chemical performance. Because the twisted wire is shielded with high-quality polyethylene, the transmission performance is excellent. Due to the use of new aluminum foil Mylar plus copper mesh double-layer shielding, it is effective Resist electromagnetic interference.



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