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Characteristics and application of wiring harness

With the continuous development of industrial technology, and the production process of wiring harness is no longer mysterious. Today, let’s talk about the characteristics of Wire Harnesses. 

The wiring harness is a simple component composed of electronic wires, terminals, and connectors. The wire harness make wiring convenient. Spot welding in the traditional mode not only has low production efficiency, but also may cause short circuit or burnout of the circuit board. The wiring harness can be arbitrarily selected for the color and quantity of the electronic wires and the spacing between the connectors. The simple design not only greatly increases the production efficiency, but also improves the safety and stability of the product.

Wiring harness are widely used in electronic digital products, instrumentation, lighting, automotive wires and home appliances, such as dash cams, humidifiers, water dispensers, juicers and air conditioners, which will be more or less used Terminal wire, because these products all need electricity, and when you need to use some points, you need to use terminal wires to connect various ports and different types of components in series. It is most suitable for data transmission cables between moving parts and motherboards, between PCB boards and PCB boards, and in miniaturized electrical equipment.

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