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The process of inspection of high temperature wires

The quality of high temperature wires can be seen at a glance from the appearance of wires and cables. The shape of the silicone material high temperature cable is defined as smooth and shiny, uniform in gloss, no visible dirt, no mechanical equipment damage, no squeezing, no offset copper core cable, bubble sand hole, round bamboo, distorted appearance , significant particles, etc. The necessity of the inspection of the high temperature line and the content of the technological process.

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The necessity of inspection of high temperature wires:
For any company, the quality of products is the cornerstone of a company. What aspects determine the product quality of the high temperature line? Generally speaking, there are five key elements such as raw materials, machinery and equipment, process manufacturing process, and inspection. Many people misunderstand that the quality of the equipment is made. Actually not, product quality production technology is extremely important, inspection and manipulation are important. From the perspective of five key elements, whether the raw materials are good or poor, whether the production is carried out according to the process regulations, whether there are product quality problems in each manufacturing stage, and whether the finished products meet the regulations, is determined by the inspectors and operators. The staff searched according to the corresponding specifications.

The process flow of the inspection of high temperature wires:
General inspections are divided into three levels: one is to inspect raw materials, the second is to inspect technological processes, and the third is to inspect finished products. It is not necessary to think that the inspection is the work of the test engineer, the inspector is to inspect the semi-finished product processing of manufacturing, and the other main level is the self-operator and the mutual inspection. Inspectors can only inspect shallow, planers and mutual inspection are the basic prerequisites for product quality. Operators who are aware of product quality problems in the production process can immediately identify their own literacy. If you can't tell the difference, you can ask the corresponding technical inspection staff or staff. Therefore, a qualified operator will not only be proficient in operating machinery and equipment, but also understand the requirements of the quality of the equipment, and will test the quality of the products in line with the process regulations.

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