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Wiring harness affects the quality of electrical appliances

The Wire Harness is composed of wires and terminal rubber shells. It is mainly used for the internal connection lines of electronic appliances and is responsible for the current and signal transmission between the series circuit boards. It is widely used in household appliances such as humidifiers, chargers, and drinking fountains. And the quality of the wiring harness directly affects the quality of electrical appliances.

The quality of the terminal line directly affects the stability of the use of household appliances. We all know that the main function of the terminal line in household appliances is the transmission between current and signal. If the terminal wires has problems such as loosening, falling off, copper leakage, etc., it is more serious. It will affect the stability of the use of household appliances, and will lead to safety problems such as short circuit and leakage of household appliances.

After long-term use of household appliances, there will always be various minor problems, such as failure to start, automatic shutdown after start up, unstable current, failure to charge, etc., In fact, in the final analysis, most of them are still The terminal wire used inside the electrical appliance is of poor quality, which causes the internal terminal wire of the electrical appliance to fall off or is caused by poor contact.

In the production of electronic appliances, the choice and use of terminal wires is undoubtedly the most important thing. Because terminal wires are like blood vessels in electrical appliances, they are small but indispensable. Therefore, the quality of terminal wires directly affects household appliances. Security and stability.

In the process of purchasing wiring harnesses, try to choose a wiring harness manufacturer with complete professional qualifications to ensure the quality of the wiring harness, thereby improving the overall quality of electronic appliances!

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