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7 Processing Requirements For Wiring Harness

The processing process of the Wire Harness is strict, and each process must meet the application specifications. This article mainly introduces the 7 processing specifications of the wiring harness.
wire harness
1. The tightness of the outer protective layer of Cable Harness needs to be consistent.
2. The terminal should be installed in place in the sheath without falling off.
3. The insulating layer on the surface of the harness contact should be good, and the conductor should not be broken.
4. The assembling process must be correct, and there must be no misalignment.
5. Plastic sleeves, bellows, etc. should be fixed and bandaged on the wire harness with adhesive tape.
6. There should be no displacement of the protective casing.
7. Hook up wire identification must be complete, with certification mark, implementation standard number, wiring harness number and other identifications.
wire harness
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