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Cable Harness Production Quality Control Method

Harness production mainly controls product quality from the following aspects:
1. Incoming inspection of raw materials: After the supplier's materials arrive on site, IQC conducts a full inspection of the raw materials, mainly based on the product specification drawings provided by the supplier, and conducts dimensional measurement and appearance inspection of wires, terminals, connectors and auxiliary materials, in accordance with the wiring harness The number of defective PPM from the factory determines whether the supplier's incoming goods are approved.

2. Process control: The warehouse sends materials to the production line in accordance with the first-in first-out principle. The production line conducts self-inspection of the product during the manufacturing process, mainly in terms of length, conduction performance, appearance, etc., and IPQC conducts inspections during the process and records relevant information in a timely manner data.
Note: The molding harness must be tested for semi-finished products before molding can be tested again.

3. Finished product inspection: The finished product must be fully inspected before it can be put into storage. OQC must undergo random inspection before shipment to the customer.
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Dongguan Fengzhan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has undergone strict layer-by-layer control of Wire Harness processing from receiving materials to shipment to ensure that every wire to the client is a qualified product.



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