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What Are The Types Of Connecting Wires?

What are the types of connecting wires? Let's take a look.
1. Display cable:
The display cable includes a data cable connecting the host and the display screen, and a power cable connecting the power supply.

2. Printer connection line:
The printer cable is the cable used to connect the printer and the computer. Generally divided into two types: USB printing cable and parallel port printing cable.

3. USB printing connection cable:
Generally, one port is a USB port to connect to a computer, and the other is a PIN5 port to connect to a printer. The transmission speed is fast, and it can be hot-plugged. After the connection is completed, the printer driver must be installed before printing from the computer normally.

4. PCB board wiring harness:
Every electronic product on the PCB board is applied, except for capacitors, resistors, ICs, diodes, and transistors. It is also very important that you can connect the needle holder of the wire, by welding the needle holder, and then lead out a wire with a connector, called a harness. The advantage of connecting the wire is that it does not need to be soldered and can be completed by cold pressing with a terminal machine. The connecting wire with connector is convenient for maintenance and debugging. In the equipment, if the line is short-circuited, we only need to change a line with the same specification, without soldering with a soldering iron, which is environmentally friendly and simple.
wire harness
Dongguan Fengzhan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd specializes in various connection wires and can provide you with various solutions. PCB board connection cable, also called terminal connection wire, is a connection wires processed by needle holders, rubber shells, terminals, wires, and is generally widely used inside equipment.



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