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  • USB Cable Manufacturer
  • USB Cable Manufacturer
  • USB Cable Manufacturer
USB Cable ManufacturerUSB Cable ManufacturerUSB Cable ManufacturerUSB Cable Manufacturer

USB Cable Manufacturer

As a high-speed serial bus, the USB cable has a very high transmission speed that can meet the application environment requirements of high-speed data transmission, and the bus also has the advantages of simple power supply, convenient installation and configuration, simple expansion port, diverse transmission methods and good compatibility, Etc.


USB Cable Manufacturer

--Provide USB Cable Solutions


FENGZHAN electronics manufacturer is committed to research and development, producing various usb cables, magnetic data cables, mobile phone data cables, type c usb data cable, for digital product manufacturers, car industry manufacturers, mobile phone computer industry to provide customized supporting wire, a variety of customization Plan, long-term service for 138 customers, 0 mistakes in delivery, 0 complaints about quality, 0 dishonesty in transactions, practice quality-oriented, honest and trustworthy with actions!

Types of USB Cable

Type A USB Cable

Type B USB Cable

Type C USB Cable

Mirco USB Cable

Mini USB Cable

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USB Cable Characteristics

1. Easy to use. Plug and play, hot-swappable, with automatic configuration capability, the user simply plugs the peripherals into the bus other than the PC, and the PC can automatically identify and configure the USB device.


2. Transmission Speed Fast. On the basis of following the USB specification, the maximum transmission speed of the USB interface can reach 12Mbps, and under the USB2.0 specification, it can reach 48oMbps.


3. Flexible connection and easy expansion. It can not only connect multiple USB devices, but also the way of connection is very flexible. You can use a serial connection, or use a hub (Hub) to connect multiple devices together, and then connect to the USB interface of the PC.


4. Can adopt bus power supply. The USB bus provides the maximum sv voltage and current. Most USB peripherals do not require a separate power supply system.


Customized service

Material Customization

Customize various environmentally friendly PVC wire and cable materials, braided wires, plug materials, cold-resistant and wear-resistant materials, ABS-resistant, etc.

Mold Customization

Mold making, mold testing and proofing, with multiple sets of molds and hundreds of styles for customers to choose from, and can open molds and produce samples in a short time.

Style Customization

Customize the exclusive style according to your design sample, the data cable is novel in shape, and the color is colorful and bright.

Logo Customization

Customize various logos, names, QR codes and other corporate iconic content according to your needs to enhance your brand reputation.

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Why Choose Fengzhan Electronics

High Quality With Reasonable Price

Control the cost from raw materials, and adopt advanced production equipment to increase output and control quality. We are a manufacturer, eliminating the need for traders and saving 20% of the cost. Full copper charging, faster transmission! ROSH certification, the product is more assured.

Quality Assurance

Each product needs to go through 6 inspections from production to shipment

1. Incoming inspection

2. Cutting line inspection

3. Solder joint inspection

4. Injection inspection

5. QC inspection of finished products

6. Shipment spot check

Delivery On Time

Each production station has more than 5 skilled technicians

Fully automatic production equipment, with a daily output of more than 10K

Customer Service

7*24 hours of all-day service, from product to customized solution to delivery, the whole process is controlled, and a dedicated person is responsible; 


FENGZHAN electronics is a professional usb cable manufacturer, committed to providing customers with the best usb cable solutions. A minimum order of 1,000 usb cables per batch, strictly monitor the production plan, and deliver on time in strict accordance with the agreed delivery date.

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