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Cutting Jumper Wires Stripped PVC Electrical Wire

Wires: UL 1007
Color: black, red, white, yellow, etc
Length: 30mm-2000mm
Conductor: Bare Copper or Tinned Copper
Jacket: PVC, Silicone, Teflon, etc


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Cutting Jumper Wires Details

Insulation Material: PVC/FEP/PTFE/PFA

Color: Black Blue Green Red Yellow White

Insulation: PVC/FEP/PTFE/PFA Insulation Cable

Certification: UL

Material: Copper

jumper cable

Cutting Jumper Wires Feature

1. Advanced equipment replaces manual labor to cut the material to a fixed length, saving labor and cost

2. Guarantee output and quality

3. The cut is smooth and neat

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