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PCB Wiring Assembly UL2468 9 Pin Ribbon Cable

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
Application: Electronic, PCB
Wire Type: UL2468 24AWG
Wire Lenght: 280 mm
Wire Pins: 9pin or customized
Material:PVC, Copper
Connector: PH 2.0MM
Terminal: PH 2.0MM
MOQ: 1000 PCS


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PCB Wiring Assembly Details

 - Application: Home Appliance

 - Service: OEM ODM Accept

 - Color: Red & White

 - Rated Voltage: 300V

 - Rated Temperature: 80°

 - Conductor: Tinned Copper

 - Certification: UL, RoHS

 - UL  number: UL2468

 - AWG: 24

 - Wire length: Customzied

 - Conductor Material: Tinned stranded copper

 - Conductor Construction: 11/0.16±0.007mm

PCB Wiring Assembly

PCB Wiring Assembly Connection

1. The connection should be streamlined, as short as possible, with as few turns as possible, and the lines should be simple and clear, especially in high-frequency circuits.

2. The width of the copper wire should be designed based on the current it can carry.

3. The current carrying capacity of the copper wire depends on the following factors: width, wire thickness (copper platinum thickness), allowable temperature rise, etc. The following table shows the width and area of the copper wire as well as the conductive current

4. The principle of electromagnetic anti-interference involves many knowledge points. For example, the corners of copper film wires should be rounded or beveled (because right or sharp corners at high frequencies will affect electrical performance). The wires on both sides of the double-sided board should be mutually Vertical, oblique or curved traces.

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With the rapid development of electronic products, its components are developing in the direction of small size and low cost. Because the circuits of electrical systems are relatively complicated, the connector of Ribbon Cable is regarded as one of the most practical connection devices for signal transmission. In addition, in order to facilitate the production and maintenance of electrical systems, most of the circuit configurations are separated by functionality and then connected. This method is also conducive to the upgrade and maintenance of electrical systems in the future. The Ribbon Cable connector is one of the common methods used for electrical connection of circuits with different functions. Ribbon Cable as a connecting component is widely used in electronic equipment (such as notebook computers) to control the overall size of the electronic equipment. The traditional Ribbon Cable connector assembly includes an insulating body, a number of terminals housed in the insulating body and assembled on the insulating body Flexible Ribbon Cable that is electrically connected to the terminal. Generally, each Ribbon Cable includes a number of separated flat conductors and a pair of insulating layers covering the opposite surfaces of the conductor. The conductor extends from the front end of the insulating layer to form a connection part. The connector is inserted into the insulating body and welded to the corresponding terminal. It is relatively light and thin, difficult to fix and difficult to be reliably welded to the corresponding terminal, so that the welding point does not reach good quality and affects the signal transmission.

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Business scope:

1. Computer Cable,HDMZ,USB2.0,USB3.0,VGA,DVI;

2. Vehicle wiring harness,GPS tracking harness,etc;

3. Automobile new energy power Lithium Battery wiring harness;

4. Intelligent Access Control Switch harness

5. GPS Tracker; The Big Dipper locator; Driving Recorder, radar detector.

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