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  • JST XH 10Pin Wire Harness
  • JST XH 10Pin Wire Harness
  • JST XH 10Pin Wire Harness
JST XH 10Pin Wire HarnessJST XH 10Pin Wire HarnessJST XH 10Pin Wire Harness

JST XH 10Pin Wire Harness

Application: Automobile
Connector: JST XH2.5
Length: Customized Length
Color: OEM Color
Wire: PVC Wire, Silicone Cable, Teflon wire, Multi Core cable


JST XH 10Pin Wire Harness Description

Customized XH2.5mm 10P wire harness, another end is open crimped
Connectord: XH2.5mm 10 pins
Cable: 22AWG, 8 Core cable, end is stripped and crimped
Color and length are customized

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Accessories in JST Wire Harness

The scope of the concept of JST connector, terminal block, and connector, and the difference in application?
①JST connector, namely CONNECTOR. Also called a plug-in connector. It is a component that electronic engineering technicians often touch. Also known as connectors, plugs and sockets in China. Generally refers to electrical connectors. That is, a device that connects two active devices, carrying current or a signal.

②JST connector is a positioning connector for connecting electronic circuits. It is composed of two parts, namely the plug-in and the connector, which can be completely separated under normal conditions. The same thing as the switch and the connector is the contact state through its contact pair The change of the switch realizes the conversion purpose of the connected circuit, and the essential difference is that the connector has only two states of insertion and removal. The switch can realize the conversion of the circuit on its body, while the connector cannot realize the conversion on the body. , there is a fixed correspondence between the contact pairs of the connector, so the connector can also be called a connector.

③JST terminal, English name Terminal (terminal). It is an accessory product used to realize electrical connection, which is divided into the category of connectors in industry. The terminal is used to facilitate the connection of wires. It is actually a piece of metal enclosed in insulating plastic. There are holes at both ends, and wires can be inserted. Terminals can be divided into WUK terminals, European terminal series, plug-in terminal series, etc.

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