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Computer Cable Assembly 12PIN SH Connectors PVC Wire

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
Color: Red, Black, Yellow, White
Pitch: 1.0mm
Pins: 12Pin
Connector: SH
Applicable wires: UL1007 28AWG
Cable material: tinned copper
Cable Lenght: 150mm(According to the customers' requirements)


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SH Wire Harness Details

SH 1.0mm Connector plug electronic wire harness.Tinned copper wire  plastic head at each end. Suitable for use, easy to install.The cable wire type is 28 AWG. The specifications are general and standard, suitable for general use. Micro connector fits well with plug, easy to install and use. Terminal spacing is 1.0 mm/0.04 inch, the pins are sturdy, will not loose easily.

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It adopts environmental protection materials, cold and high temperature resistance, conductive, durable, widely used in electrical appliances, automobiles, robots, lighting, LED strips,toys, PCB control panel, speakers, audio, batteries, toys, household appliances, etc.

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Features and Benefits

1.Environmentally safe material is impact resistant and corrosion resistant;

2.Specification diversification supports customization;

3.Fine workmanship beautiful and durable;

4.Professional material and surface treatment technology

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