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Cable Assembly LED Display Screen Cable

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
Application: LED Display Screen
Service: Custom Service
Length: Customized Length
Material: Copper/pa66/pbt/high Temp
Color:Customized Color
Certification: ROSH, UL


wire product details

Cable Assembly Details

Connector Type: original OEM or replacements
Cable materials: Wire Harness can be UL, etc and pure copper
Insulation: PVC,Rubber,Silica,PE,...etc
Cable color,lenght: According to the customers' requirements
Application: Automotive,Electrical,Industry,Home applications
Service: OEM and ODM products are acceptable
Samples: Samples confirmed first before mass production
Certificates: UL,SGS,RoHs
Electrical: Current rate ,Volt according to the customers' requirements

wire harness

Cable Assembly Feature

1. Terminals and plastic shells, according to customer requirements, can use foreign brand materials such as JST, MOLEX, AMP, HRS, JAE, etc., or use our company's independent production of imitation connectors corresponding to foreign brands and models. Materials used: environmental protection PA66, LCP, PBT, all terminals use phosphor bronze;

2. Wire materials can be used: PVC: UL1007, UL1571, UL1672, UL2464, UL2468, UL1015
Polyvinyl chloride: RV-90 Silicone rubber: UL3239, UL3132, UL3135
Teflon category: UL1332.

3. Wire color: various monochrome lines (black, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, brown, purple, gray, white), note lines (yellow note green, orange note black, white note black, red note Black, yellow with black, blue with black, etc.), the specific color can be customized according to customer needs!

4. Wire core/outer diameter specification: national standard electronic wire.

wire application

wire harness application

factory display

factory display


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