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Black Jumper Cable PCB Electronic Jumper Wire

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
Application: Electronic
Service: OEM ODM Accept
Certification: UL
Color: Black
Length: 10mm 50mm
Material: PVC, Copper
Sample: Available


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The jumper wire is actually a metal connection wire connecting the two demand points of the circuit board (PCB). Due to different product designs, the material and thickness of the jumper wire are different. Most jumpers are used for voltage transmission of the same potential, and there are also reference voltages used for protection circuits. For those with precise voltage requirements, the voltage drop generated by a little metal jumper will also have a great impact on product performance.

pcb jumper cable
From the appearance, the jumpers of the board card in the computer are small metal sticks (jumper posts) embedded on the motherboard, sound card, hard disk and other devices, and small clips (jumper clips) set on these metal sticks. The function of the jumper is to adjust the on-off relationship of different electrical signals on the device, and to adjust the working status of the device, such as determining the mainboard voltage, the master-slave relationship of the driver, and so on. When the jumper clip is put on two jumper posts at the same time, it means that the two jumper posts are connected. If only one or no jumper posts are put on, it means it is disconnected. It is very important to adjust the jumper. If it is jumped incorrectly, it may crash in some cases or even burn the entire device. Therefore, you must read the manual carefully when adjusting the jumper, and check the name of the jumper, the number of the jumper and the on-off relationship.

pcb jumper cable
The jumpers on the motherboard generally include CPU setting jumpers, CMOS clear jumpers, BIOS write prohibition jumpers, etc. Among them, the CPU setting jumpers is the most complicated. If the motherboard is older, you must set the core voltage, FSB and frequency multiplier jumpers on the motherboard. Set the above-mentioned corresponding jumpers according to the motherboard manual and CPU frequency. Normally, there is a set of jumpers corresponding to the CPU voltage on the motherboard, and each jumper corresponds to a voltage value. Find the appropriate voltage value, plug in a keycap to short it, and select this voltage value. In the same way, find the FSB jumper and multiplier jumper, and set the appropriate FSB and multiplier respectively. Note that only one jumper can be short-circuited in each group of jumpers.

pcb jumper cable
The jumper here refers to the copper connecting wire, which is made of a standard jumper cable and connecting hardware. The jumper cable has copper cores ranging from two to eight cores. The connecting hardware is two 6-position or 8-position modular plugs. , Or they have one or more bare wire ends. Some jumpers have a modular plug at one end and an 8-position module slot at the other end, or are equipped with 100P wiring plugs, MICs, or module slots. Jumpers are used on the distribution frame to transfer various links, and can be used as a distribution frame or equipment connection cable. The modular jumper has RJ45 connectors at both ends, adopts TIA/EIA-568A pin structure, and has a flexible plug-in design to prevent loosening and jamming. The length of the jumper is 1 foot (0.305 meters) to 500 feet (15.25 meters), the most commonly used are 3 feet, 5 feet, 7 feet and 10 feet. Modular jumpers are used in the work area and can also be used as jumpers in the wiring closet. In the small office network or home network DIY installation, the dual-computer interconnection jumper is often mentioned. This kind of jumper is not a standard jumper used in integrated wiring, but a special hardware device connection line. It is used when two PC computers are directly connected by twisted pair, or when two HUBs are to be connected through RJ45 ports. , You need crossover (commonly known as cross-connect wire, jumper). It follows a special connection sequence.

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