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Insulation Resistance Performance Of Electronic Wire

Electronic wire insulation resistance, finished product voltage test and insulated wire core voltage test, all examine the electrical insulation performance of the cable insulation layer and sheath layer. Insulation resistance is to detect the resistance of the insulating material between two conductors. It should be large enough In order to play a role in insulation protection. The voltage test of the finished product and the voltage test between the insulated wires not only requires the cable to have sufficient insulation capacity, but also requires the insulation or sheath material to be uniform, free of impurities, and sufficiently uniform in thickness. There should be no invisible trachoma, pinholes, etc. on the surface, otherwise it will cause Partial breakdown during the withstand voltage test.

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Mechanical performance testing mainly examines the tensile strength and elongation at break of the insulation and sheath plastic materials, including before and after aging, as well as the bending test, bending test, load breaking test, and insulation core tearing of the finished flexible cable. Crack test, static bending test, etc.

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Tensile strength before and after aging, and elongation at break before and after aging are important basic indicators of cable insulation and sheath materials. It is required that the materials used for cable insulation and sheathing have sufficient tensile strength and are not easy to break. It must also have a certain degree of flexibility. Aging refers to the ability of insulation and sheath materials to maintain their original performance under high temperature conditions. Aging should not seriously affect the tensile strength and elongation of the material, which will directly affect the cable’s performance. Service life, if the tensile strength and elongation at break are unqualified, the sheath or insulator will easily break during the construction and installation of the cable, or the sheath and insulation of the cable used in the light or heat environment will become brittle. Broken, causing the live conductor to be exposed, causing the risk of electric shock.

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